The Council of Attestation Officers has developed several courses for the purpose of:

  • Training and certifying new Attestation Officers
  • Providing annual updates for Attestation Offices
  • Refreshers for Attestation Officers

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As notaries, we have been trained to establish an individual’s identity by using specific pieces of evidence supporting a client's identity claim. That's become an important skill as the world's information and communication has rapidly become paperless, digital - and lacking in the kind of accountability that notaries have historically provided. As a result, the world is suffering an epidemic of rampant digital fraud. There is an increasing demand for organizations to understand who has access to their networks as well as understanding that the person who is given access is who they say they are with a measurably reliable degree.

The Council of Attestation Officers (CAO), an enterprise of The Authenticity Institute (TAI), has taken on the challenge and responsibility to provide Identity Attestation services to organizations to address this issue. To address this challenge, CAO has created the role of the Attestation Officer (AO) who is an experienced notary that can perform the necessary review to attest to the identity of an individual.

Consequently, as a trained Attestation Officer you'll be the key to reversing that ominous trend. You'll use TAI developed video tools to conduct and record the Attestation session with an Affiant who will present different Evidence of Identity (EOI) items for examination and confirmation to support their  identity claim. In addition, you’ll also administer and capture the Affiant’s Oath of Identity. During the Attestation process, an Identity Quality (IDQA) scoring system helps further quantify the reliability of the Affiant’s identity. The principles are the same as with any administration of an oath, except that the certificate is digital versus the customary paper certificate or jurat.

Prior to conducting the Attestation Session, each Affiant, will complete a self-enrollment process which results in a digitally signed credential in their device (desktop, laptop, mobile device). This credential will be further substantiated through presenting additional EOIs during the Attestation process described above. The result of the Attestation review with typically increase the Affiant’s IDQA score based on the EOIs submitted and verified. The Attestation Officer retains a digital record of the session as well as a link to the Affiant’s digital certificate in the event that the Affiant’s device is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Becoming an Attestation Officer

Attestation Officers must first be experienced RON notaries. Different states have different regulations, but Virginia RON notaries can perform notary procedures anywhere in the world.

An Attestation Officer candidates will need to take the Attestation Officer Certification program offered through the Authenticity University. This certification program is structured to explain the concepts of authenticity and the importance of establishing accountability through measurably reliable identities.

As an Attestation Officer, you’ll need to go through the established “Self-Enrollment” process as well as go through an Attestation Session with an Oath of Identity just like any other Affiant.

Attestation Officer Training

In order to prepare you to become an Attestation Officer, CAO has developed the following training materials to provide:

1.       Understanding of Authenticity concepts

2.       Affiant Self Enrollment process

3.       Attestation Session Requirements for Attestation Officer Candidates

4.       Identity Quality Techniques (NIST versus IDQA)

5.       Benefits to the Affiant

6.       Description of the Attestation Process and supporting tools

7.       Scheduling, billing and other administrative processes

8.       Attestation Points to Ponder – a series of Frequently Asked Questions

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